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Bring the right light for any occasion with our stylish line of ceiling lights, lamps, sconces, and more.  Designed with superior craftsmanship, our fixtures will play your interior design to the hilt.


Fulfill Your Kitchen Needs With Our High-Quality Products. And  Improve Your Kitchen Style


Blankets and covers

 They come in both standard sizes to fit your bed or cot, or our bestselling extra-long size that fits the length of a queen-size bed. The cover is made of high-quality material and it is very comfortable, feels good and makes you relax.


Transform your living space into something extraordinary with wall decor that breathes style, soul and quality into any home. It's the little things that count - like our bold pattern of trees, flowers, fruit and hearts.

Washroom Fixtures

The Clock Collection combines simple, elegant design with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Available in a variety of timekeeping styles, these clocks feature precision quartz movement and exclusive interchangeable hour and minute hands.


Wall Decoration

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 Washroom Fixtures offer a simple solution to washroom challenges by integrating elements of people-centred design, creating a p eaceful washroom environment. 

Clock Collection

Table Decor


Flower Vase is perfect for creating beautiful arrangements at home, displaying flowers bought on the go, or as an elegant centerpiece on your dining table


Decorate your table by bringing a little color to it. This can be done through a variety of Products that will make the Home fresh.

Flower vase

Carpets and Rugs


Bring home luxurious style and softness to any area of your home with our new Carpets. Make your place welcoming and cozy with carpets that are just the right size, color, cut pile, and texture for any room. 

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